Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wienerschnitzel and apple strudel

On Saturday Mom and I got on the early morning train to Vienna! It's about an hour and 45 minutes away from Brno. It was an easy train ride and the train itself was really nice. We went through the country side of southern Czech and the northern part of Austria and I have to say it looks like the farms lands of Parma, Idaho. Just a lot of acres being used for farming. So it was easy to take a cat nap when you have seen Parma before.
When we got off the train we got onto Vienna's above ground city railway system. Vienna has both underground and above ground tracks. The city has so many options for public transportation and Mom and I bought a day pass to use all of them. It was a little confusing at first but we managed to get where we needed to be. By the time we made it to the city center we were very hungry for lunch. I really wanted a traditional Vienna meal, wienerschnitzel! We found a place not far from the truly overwhelming church in the middle of the square. I ordered wienerschitzel (which is a piece of veil pounded down into a thin circle and then breaded and cooked) When it came out it was overflowing the plate, which I think is common place for the restaurants to do. It was so good! I mean, really good! And the restaurant had a salad bar so I was able to get a salad! Hard to find salad in Brno, every side dish is potato, never thought I would say this being from Idaho, but I am sick of potato!! Mom had a piece of roasted chicken with veggies cooked in bacon, so good!
After lunch we toured the church:

look at the roof top, so odd and great:

Since we only had a few hours in Vienna before we had to catch the train back to Brno we decided to maximize our time. We got on a hop on, hop off buss and toured the city. What an interesting city, full of musical history and art. It's also a very clean city.
Here are some pictures:

So Vienna loves their coffee shops. The Viennese people believe the coffee shop is an extension to their living room, I would need a belt extension if I lived in Vienna, the candies they sell at these coffee shops are almost to hard resist!

So I had wienerschnitzel for lunch now I needed to end my trip to Vienna with their famous desert, apple strudel. And oh my goodness it didn't disappoint! Just look at the picture!! Mom got a creamed filled pastry that melted in your mouth.

After all that sugar it was time to go back to Brno. We took the underground subway and then found the right train to get us back home. I was so proud of us and how well we figured the train lines out. We got to the apartment around 9pm did the round of Skype calls and then went to bed. We had a big morning: transfer day!!

*side note* camera broke so no more pictures of the blog tell I get back to Seattle. Mom's camera does not hook up to my lap top :(

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