Friday, February 19, 2010

Smuggling a watermelon

I am sitting in our living room awake at 3 am. I can hear the happy and blissful sounds of my husband sleeping in the other room. I am having no such luck. It's not really the time change that is keeping me up, well, maybe a little, it's this really uncomfortable feeling in my tummy. The medicine I am on is stimulating my ovaries to make them larger and produce more eggs well the only way I can describe the way this is making my body feel is to say, it feels like I am smuggling a watermelon under my skin. There is a lot of pressure. Almost like the feeling when have eaten way to much food. My other issue is that I am side sleeper, curled up in the fetal postilion with my tummy half on the mattress half curled up. Well, this doesn't really work anymore, putting more pressure on an already uncomfortable situation. What's a girl to do? Lay on my back? Yes, this feels the best. With my gut expanded, (so attractive) this feels so much better. But since I have never slept that way I am having trouble falling asleep like that. This is starting to sound like a pity party..I would take a couple sleepless nights and an uncomfortable tummy for what the final outcome will be. So, who needs sleep anyway. There is a coke in the fridge and 3 hour train ride to Prague tomorrow, I can sleep then.
Oh ya, we picked Prague as our destination. Taking the morning train and then overnighting at a hotel. I am really looking forward to this, Prague was the city the hubby wanted to go to on our honeymoon. And since he has been he is really excited to show me his favorite spots. Just looked at the weather, 80% chance of snow. These gothic cities look so beautiful with snow on them, so I am looking forward to walking the Charles Bridge surrounded by snow.. something kind of magical about that.
Will have to blog either late Sunday or early Monday.. until.. cross you fingers for me to sleep.

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  1. Baby girl, everyone I know is reading your blog. Don and Rick, Patti, Mary Ellen, Virginia Alberti, Heidi Jo, and all the family. Everyone is sending you positive energy and much love. Thanks for sharing, we all love hearing about your journey. Have fun on your excursion. See you Tuesday.