Monday, March 1, 2010

The big day!! Transfer Day!!

So we woke up early and got ready for the big day, TRANSFER DAY! How do dress for being implanted with your babies? Formal wear, it's a big deal, you want the kids to know how serious this is. Casual wear, you want your kids to know your a casual kinda girl. I decided for sweats, since I was just heading to bed right afterward. I think the kids will understand, their mom is practical. So after practical wear was decided off we went.

Dr. McDreamy was there and was ready to start. He showed us a report of the embryos, almost like a report card. My embryos were A+ students, gold stars for them! He was very happy with their progress and was very optimistic about the procedure and the implantation. So we were taken into the operation room, Mom got to come too. There was a TV in the room and we got to see the embryos. It was truly amazing. There they were, everything that we have been trying so hard to get. On that TV screen was a part or me and a part of my husband. If I wasn't so uncomfortable on that table I would of cried more. After the transfer we got to see the embryos again via ultrasound. It was so amazing, the little things on the screen were now inside, in their little home. We put in two embryos, don't worry I don't want a reality show. The doctor was so funny during the transfer he said "okay, I put in one blue one and pink one" of course he was joking you can't tell the gender at a day 3 transfer. I also said "oh that hurts" and then he would say "it doesn't hurt me". Most Europeans say my name without the A sound at the beginning. They really over pronounce the E. ME-lissa. So the doctor would say "Relax, MEEE-lissa" Always makes me laugh.

So after the transfer we went back to the apartment and had a day of bed rest. We got a little stir crazy laying there all day but we managed, it was for a good cause! We will take it easy today and tomorrow. Trying not to disturb the little ones as they are trying to attach. There are a lot of rules after the transfer. No heavy lifting, no bath tubs, no aerobatic exercise. They want you to wait tell after you hear a heart beat before you start living "normally" again.

Gee no vacuuming or heavy lifting for 2 months, I can handle that! Kids and only light housekeeping, my vacation just keeps getting better and better!


  1. So Melissa - do they freeze the remaining embryos in case you want to do this again some day??

  2. We are still waiting on the results of the freezing. It's a hard process for the embryos and we will find out next week sometime if they survived.

  3. So exciting!!!! I miss you and can't wait to hear your voice again!