Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday in Brno.

It's 3:45am in the states and around noon here. We've already had our first appointment and lunch and now are trying to figure out what to do with the next two days. Our next doctors visit isn't until Monday so where should we go, what should we see? Go to Prague? Vienna? BudaPest? Guess we will see...

The appointment went well. It was very fast and efficient. There wasn't as many eggs growing as I was hoping for but like my hubby keeps telling me "positive thinking". They upped my dose of the medication which fingers crossed will help. When the two Czech nurses where trying to figure how much medication I had and how much I would need, I wish I had my flip camera with me. It was crazy just sitting there listening to the two woman talk Czech in a somewhat loud and assertive tone to each other. It was crazy.

Here's the picture of the clinic from the outside. It's very modern inside and beautiful.

I also took pictures of our amazing apartment. The camera doesn't do it justice, it's much larger then the pictures make it look.

The front hall way:

The toilet, which is not in the same room as the tub. The tub is on the other side of the apartment, so odd! And check out the yellow toilet paper!

The living room:

The bath/shower and vanity:

The kitchen:

Dinning room table and blog headquarters:

Our bedroom, which is the size of the living room, it's SO big!

I found this in the freezer. Europeans aren't very keen on ice cubes. Everything room temp. well this is how they keep the ice cubes.. in prepackaged ice balls. So silly and fanastic!

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