Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We're to excited to sleep!

Both the hubby and I had trouble sleeping last night. We were easily awakened by each others tossing about. I finally gave up at 5 and my hubby rolled over and said good morning, it felt like Christmas. I told him I was going to go down stairs and see if Santa came by last night. My poor dog really hates these early morning wake up calls lately and moaned while I gave him his morning potty break. Giving me a look like, 'seriously this early'. There is a great Disney commercial that is a family favorite and it really sums up my excitement. I found it on youtube this morning:

So away we go.. off to the unknown. Many miles to put down before we get there but those miles will go fast because I would rather go through the miles unknown then retrace the miles we have already been with infertility. I am no longer on the path that leads me to nowhere, no longer being passive in this search for life. There is calm to my heart where before there was chaos. The excitement is for the adventure and the hope is for the future.

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