Monday, February 15, 2010

The Magazine Stand & Me

Can't wait to walk around the airports and see this cover. I really like that Celine is open about her IVF, I have even blogged about this. But the last thing I need to see in large print while traveling to have IVF done is her 4 failed attempts. What really makes me upset is that I love to get People magazine when flying because the crossword in the back is a great distraction on a long flight.

Again it proves you can never escape infertility, it's always there. Not only in your thoughts but at the checkout counter, the airport, the mailbox.


  1. Yes the irony will almost be too much. However, I will say I will take the story on Celine over J-Lo saying all imperialistcally " I would NEVER DO anything like that" (meaning fertility treatments.) First off, you know she is lying, but second why act like it is some disgusting immoral thing she would never stoop to.

    But don't you love junk magazines on trips! Nothing says vacation like checking out celebrity cellulite.

  2. Also remember - Celine also has a beautiful little boy through IVF!

    Thoughts and prayers! Karen