Friday, February 26, 2010

The bat phone.

So My IVF Alternative gave me a cell phone when we arrived. It has all the numbers we need. Like my coordinator Barbora, the clinic and a very special number call "Embrya". After the transfer this is the magic number you call to check in on your embryos. I find this very humorous, like someone is babysitting my embryos and I am calling to check in on them. You call everyday between the hours of 1pm - 2pm until your implantation day which mine will be on Sunday morning. Well I called today from the Brno mall to check in. I gave the lady my name and she told me how many survived fertilization, 75% in my case. She also told me they look good and that everything was fine. Mom and I did our little happy dance and the positivity just pours out of us now. We were walking home from our errands and I said to my Mom how odd it was that just blocks away from our apartment my little embryos are being kept safe. Like they are at the babysitters or something. When you wrap your brain around it, if you can, it's so wonderfully odd. I jumped on the computer and called the hubby, you could hear how excited he was and how happy the number made him. It's just such a joyous moment to know that all that pain and suffering and all the waiting there's finally such good news. I made the round of calls to the sister, Dad, Mom-in-law, sister-in-law and spread the news like it was wildfire. Like in my favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz, right after Dorothy kills the witch with her house.. the little munchkins proclaim:
"Let the joyous news be spread the wicked witch at last is dead" in my case I proclaim: "Let the joyous news be spread the infertility witch at last is dead"
( and that in a nutshell is how much brain works )

I know the journey isn't over now, but wow good news feels amazing!

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