Thursday, February 25, 2010

Momma Hen meets Golden Retrieval Day!

Today was the day I sat on some straw and like a good momma hen I laid my eggs. No not really..but seriously there were moments this past week I would of given ALL my Czech money to lay the eggs. But instead I let Dr. McDreamy help out. I didn't think he was that McDreamy but Mom did so, that's his new blog name. Dr. McDreamy was so nice and so reassuring about everything. He spoke perfect english as did all the nurses. I couldn't of asked for better treatment. In fact the whole procedure from the moment I was taken out of our private room was all of 10 minutes!
Here is a picture of the room. Such a big room, with two chairs to the side and huge bathroom with shower ( not pictured )

When they walked me to the examining room everything was set just like my past fertility surgeries in the states. I laid on the bed and next to me was Peter, my anesthesiologist. I told Peter I had bad veins and good luck, before I could even finish the word luck he was done...I immediately felt the drugs, my face started to tingle and I looked at Dr. McDreamy and said I was not enjoying this feeling. He told me to just relax and have a good dreams.
And I did... two of the them, one was of Vienna and the other of the hubby. Felt like I was out for hours. But Mom said I was gone for only 10 minutes! I was laid on the bed in our room and I started to feel a lot of cramping that took about 10 minutes to pass. After the cramping had passed I felt amazing. It was so odd! Mom didn't really believe me at first, so odd to have the drugs wear off so fast and to feel so good after surgery. I think it was the after procedure snack they leave at your bedside, chocolate and cranberry tea makes anyone feel better!

The only issue happened when the nurse came wanting some blood to test for infection. Well, my bad veins proved themselves again. 5 pokes and tries on one arm and 1 poke in another they had their blood. The nurse was so funny, she said something like, 'a woman with no blood, amazing'
Mom and I went to lunch and had a really rich traditional Czech lunch. Ate WAY too much and half way through the meal my 'I feel great' attitude slowly went down hill. Walking back to the apartment from the restaurant was a challenge, slow and steady. We took about an hour nap and that's when the 'I feel great' attitude totally died, I was in misery! Looking back I think I was slowly coming off the medication and my body was not having a very good time doing it. Everything seemed so sore and stiff, nausea and all around misery. And that huge lunch wasn't making anything better. Mom called the doctor to ask if I could take pain medication and he said Ibuprofen would help. My amazing Mom went off to the nearest pharmacist and got me tablets. They call pills tablets here. Took the tablets, called my sister for distraction and about an hour later I was back to normal. Still a little sore but no more stiffness or nausea. YAY! It's nice to have your Mom around when your sick, there's something special about her that makes being sick almost easier.
I think the rest of the evening will be just lounging around eating paprika chips and watching chick flicks!
*fingers are crossed* that the eggs are hatching well and that they survive the long and hard process of becoming embryos. The call to check in one them tomorrow will be nerve racking. But I am really positive and happy, everything will be okay.

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