Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday in Brno part 2

We had some lunch, which was amazing! I feel I should take pictures of the food, because it's soooo good! I had steak, well pork steak and mashed potatoes and the hubby had chicken with potato pancakes. HELLO?!? Potato pancakes, delicious! My sister would LOVE these pancakes.

It was pouring rain today. But being the Seattle locals we are we could brave a few rain drops. Well, rain drops turned into rain puddles and then rain showers. So grateful for the hat hubby bought me for Valentine's Day. My hair is one big curl ball in this weather.

We walked about 3 miles to the enormous gothic church in the middle of old town Brno. The church, St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral was built in the 14th century in place of a former Romanesque castle and church. There is a saying that once you have seen one church in Europe you have seen them all. So not true in Czech. The gothic features are just breathtaking. It's almost in a way overwhelming, and has a hint of menace. It has the look of the evil castle in Disney movies, the evil step mom will be at the entrance.

We strolled around the church taking it all in and then I found a door. Inside this old door was a staircase... and up we went.
A dozen flights later, vertigo and fear we made it to the top of the bell tower!

We had to pass this old wood bridge which I swear was built in the 14th century.

But it was SO worth it! The view was amazing!!

After the view we walked a little farther and decided to visit the crypts. My hubby and I are known to do things off the beaten path. On our honeymoon in Paris one of our favorite activities was going to the underground catacombs/crypts. So seeing crypts in Brno was a no brainier. The crypts were mostly for the monks and nobles of the city. They weren't mummified, they were simply laid to rest on the ground. But the air and natural vents in the area kept the bodies well persevered. It was truly fascinating.
Disclaimer: the photos below may not be for everyone. I will put them in small font.

Above the crypts the words read: "Tu Fui Ego Eris" which means "What you are, we were, what we are, you will be"

Now dinner, frozen pizza!

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