Friday, February 26, 2010

Internet cafes and no torture dungeons

While Mom is in the bath I thought I would blog about the first day she was here. I was so sleepy after that day I couldn't even form sentences so I will try now.
It started with having lunch with hubby and then sending him off to go home (which by the way I talked to him last night and he made it safe and sound). From lunch we needed to find an internet cafe. We have internet in the apartment but no printer or scanner. My parents are moving to Florida and are buying a new house so there is a lot of paperwork that my Mom needs to sign and then scan and send back to Dad. Took us 2 hours to find a internet cafe!!! Every coffee shop, McDonalds, hotel has WiFi access but again no printer or scanner. Finally, we found one in the middle of the city inside the mall. A 2 hour adventure for about 5 minutes of work. Oh well, we got it done which is all that matters. We have to go find that cafe again today because there is more paperwork for her to sign and resend back to the states.
I really wanted to go the castle on top of the hill that over looks the city. Only way to get to the top is walk the really steep hill.

Here's a picture of Mom at the top:

Here's a picture of the castle:

The castle itself is closed for the winter but the dungeon/prison was open. Of course I wanted to do that. We got our handout and off we went. The prison was in use the in 17th century and crammed a lot of people into the small caves below. There would of been no natural light inside and some of the rooms are so terrible that the average life span of someone inside was mere months.

Here's a freaky picture of Mom, she moved as was taking the picture and it made her appear double.

Half way through the self guided tour Mom and I started to laugh at the handout they gave us. It was so politically correct it was humorous. The handout would never admit that torture took place in the prison, everything was made up stories. Nothing terrible EVER happened there. So they use dummies to model some the prisoners to give you and idea and stuff. Well below is a picture of a what the handout calls a "recreation room".

Mom asked if by recreation they meant tanning bed room?
There were also caves that had the blots they used to tie up prisoners, the kitchen that only cooked only 3 hot meals a week, the lack of sun and sanitation.. your right that's not torture. There was also a room where "legend" has it adulterous women were tied and slow dripping water would land on there head driving them mad. Like a gothic early 17th century version of water boarding. Yep, no torture at that prison!
After the nicest dungeon in recorded history Mom and headed over to the huge gothic cathedral in the middle of the city. The same one hubby and I went too but now it was Mom's turn. There was hardly any other tourist around and so the lady that works at the church gave us an impromptu tour. It was so crazy, she took us to the top of the alter where the priest stands and into the private dressing room of the priest. If you are Catholic you know how crazy that would be to have that kind of access to the church. Mom and I think she was really bored and wanted to practice her english on us. She told us EVERYTHING about the church, no statue unexplained no picture left out. It was really an amazing experience.
Here's Mom at the stairs leading away from the church into the main square.

After all that walking and sightseeing we went to the grocery store and got the stuff we needed for Mom to make a nice pasta dinner.

oh looks, like she's ready now.. off we go to find that internet cafe again.

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