Sunday, February 21, 2010

I was a Disney princess for a day.

Just got back from our overnight trip from Prague. I really wish that I could take everyone I ever knew to Prague. What an amazing city, what an unexpected surprise. When your a little girl you play make believe and your the princess. There is an evil queen, a great land and a handsome prince. Prague is the backdrop to all those fantasies. I was walking into the real life version of Disney. The opening scene in Cinderella, the clock tower awakes her, that clock tower and castle in that movie is the every day apartment in Prague. Yesterday I was a grown up princess touring the city of dreams with my handsome prince.

* I am going to put the pictures in small font and if you want to see a larger version just click the picture and it will open a new tab with a larger version on the picture*

Traveling by train from Brno to Prague is about 3 hours. The trains offer private rooms and general seating areas. They also had a dinning car.Below is a picture of our morning breakfast on the train. In the Czech, beer is cheaper then water. When you sit down at a restaurant or bar tap water costs money and it costs more then a beer. They also serve a lot of Fanta, which I LOVE!

When we got to Prague we went straight to our hotel. Our hotel was on a quite street away from most of the high traffic tourist areas. We also got a HUGE deal on the room. 4 star hotel room for a 2 star price. I mean, come on, look at the bed!!

As I mentioned in an earlier post I am starting to feel very uncomfortable and walking on cobble stone streets just isn't the best thing ever for my pain tolerance. Luckily I married a travel master who could figure out the Czech subway system and we managed to get from one point of interest to the next without much confusion. The first thing we did was head straight to the Prague castle. It sits on top of a huge hill over looking the entire city. Took FOREVER to walk up since we were going at Melissa's super slow uncomfortable pace. The hubby would keep reminding me that it would be well worth the effort of the stairs and when we got to the top he was right. The view, the castle, the church inside the caste, the changing of the guard, the everything was amazing!
Steps leading up to the castle:
View from top of stairs before entering the castle square:

Me underneath an arch that leads to the church:
The church: (they still have mass every Sunday at this church)

From the church we walked down to Charles Bridge. Which is a very famous bridge. It was once the only bridge connecting Prague from one side to the other. Now the bridge is for pedestrians only and there are statues every where you turn. Each statue has its own meaning and history. There is a statue that you rub and make a wish, can you guess what I wished for? There are also street charts selling art and jewelry. When we were walking across I think I heard every language in world. The bridge is such a melting pot of tourist, locals, and hippies. I LOVED IT!

This is us at the end of the bridge with the castle and church behind us:

The bridge lead us into old town, which was my favorite part of Prague. It was a large square with two gothic style churches mirroring each other. Restaurants, pubs and street vendors line the rest of the square. We got there around dusk and had dinner, which was fantastic, because Czech food is fantastic! Do like pork and potatoes? You like Czech food. A fan of beer, you'll be a fan of Czech!

When we came out of dinner it was night and at night they light up the square. So beautiful.

After that we went back to the hotel and had good nights sleep. I think I passed out around 8pm. In the morning we had a nice breakfast visited the Jewish square and headed back to Brno. On the train back to Brno I was reminded again how small the world really is...we went to the dinning car and order a round of drinks. A couple next to us heard our American accents and asked where we where from. We said Seattle.. they said Boise!! Turns out the guy went to St. Mark's school too (years ahead of me) and is the cousin of one of Charlie's good friends from highschool! If you are from Boise and went to the Catholics schools in the area you can play the 'do you know this family' game forever, which we did. How odd to be on a train in the middle of the Czech Republic and run into someone from Boise?!?! This world is so small!

Now we are back in our apartment. Going to skype (call for free) the family which has been such a fun thing to be able to do while so far away. Tomorrow is our second appointment at the clinic. My thoughts are positive and I know everything will be great. Tomorrow will decide all the timing for the next two weeks. My heart is so ready for this and I feel a glow with the hope of it all. I can't believe that each day brings us closer and closer to having our baby.

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  1. I am loving hearing about your Brno adventures. I think I need to make this trip - IVF or not!