Monday, February 22, 2010

A day with Barbora.

What a great day we had! Our appointment at the clinic went well and we are all ready for the egg retrieval at 8 am on the 25th!! Wow, it's getting so close.
After our appointment our local coordinator Barbora gave us a small driving tour of Brno and then took us out to a real Czech lunch. We had such a great time talking to her and ended up having an almost 3 hour lunch. She is so fantastic and funny. She is from a small town outside of Brno and just moved back after spending 5 years in London. We got along so well with her and after lunch she said she wished we lived here so we could be friends. She also answered a lot of the questions the hubby and I had about Czech life and culture. And then we answered all the questions she had about America. It will be a highlight of my adventure here in Brno.

Here us after lunch with Barbora, I made the bartender take our picture, which made both Barbora and the hubby laugh. I just want to remember her and how fantastic lunch had been!

Tomorrow my mom gets here!! It's so bittersweet. I am so excited to have my mom here and share this adventure with her but at the same time it means it's time for the hubby to return home. I can't think about that yet, it really makes me sad. I have such a fantastic hubby who has been so supportive through this whole process to see him leave half way through the journey makes it hard. But, I understand to have kids you need a job and he needs to get back to that job!

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