Friday, July 30, 2010

Are you having twins?

I am still trying to process the exchange I had today. There's a part of me that can't believe it happened but it did and so I must share with you.

I went up to our local mall and while there I decided to treat myself to a snack. I am starting to regret that decision for two reasons, the exchange I had with the cashier and the garlic pretzel I ate. Both are haunting me right now. Garlic on pretzel great idea bad if you don't have gum right after.

Below is the exact conversation I had with the pregnant cashier @ Pretzel Time.

Me: Yes, Hi. I would like a garlic pretzel and a small lemonade please.

Cashier: ok, when are you due?

Me: November.

Cashier: WOW, your big!

Me: (in shock) ummm, when are you due?

Cashier: September... are you carrying twins?

Me: No

Cashier: you must be having a huge baby.

Me: (in more shock) ummmm, I guess.

Cashier: Well, your tall. Are you having a big baby cause you eat all the time?
(I kid you not, she really said that)

Me: (super defensive at this point) No, I've only gained 7 lbs. I am just all baby up front.

Cashier: Do you know what your having?

Me: No, we aren't finding out.

Cashier: Well, since your so big it must be a boy.

Me: I don't think so, I am carrying really high so I think it's a girl.

Cashier: No, your having a boy. A baby girl is small and petite and your belly is big.

Me: Umm, I was a big baby and I am girl.

Cashier: It's obvious I am having a boy.. so are you.

Me: okay.. now we have entered rude territory. First I am big and now I am having a boy.

Cashier: Have a great day

Me: Ummm.... ya. You too.

I couldn't make that up if I wanted. This conversation really happened and not only did it happen but it was with another pregnant lady! I call my Mom and vent about it. Telling her the cashier basically called me fat and what does my Mom tell me to do? Eat a piece of cake!

Note to self, no more pretzels from the mall!


  1. Oh man! What a story! I am so sorry you had to go through that. That happened to me numerous times with all of my pregnancies. It's so rude! Why do people think they can just say whatever they want??? I will never get it. Whatever you are having, boy or girl, your baby will be so beautiful and blessed to have YOU as a mommy :)

  2. This was hilarious. At least a rude conversation can make a way funny blog post later. I guess the only thing that was helping me to put her craziness in context is that she was the cashier at a pretzel stand. They are known to be experts on all kinds of things - Second only to Walmart checkers from Texas who frequently predicted my PMS based on me purchasing M&Ms and salt and vinegar chips. Geniuses I tell you.
    -the Mule