Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Wow, baby, this is a really magical time"

When your body gets taken over by pregnancy does everything get thrown out the window when it comes to modesty?

I have always been a very modest person. Even in front of my Mom and little sister. I am modest in front of my husband. I was NEVER one of those girls who after dance class or gym would walk around in my underwear and I always put a towel over the stall when I had to shower in the high-school club house. I don't think this modesty ever came from body image issues. During high-school I had two dance classes and a gym class, in total almost 4 hours of cardio a day, still I didn't flash that body. My sister seems the exact opposite of me. Very comfortable in front of me or my Mom. I think you are born either with or without the modest gene. There could be a little of that Catholic guilt left over in me, but that's a whole other blog.

Well since this little thing called pregnancy took place I seem to have no trouble flashing this ever growing body. Which is odd, because if you were to compare all the shapes I have had over the years this one would be the least attractive. This all came to a head the other night when I stood in the living with just my sleeping bra and tight fitting yoga pants. Standing there, hands on hips, hair all a mess and hubby just sitting there on the couch staring at me. And in one of the best moments so far in this process he used his fantastic humor to put everything into perspective. He looked me up and down and in his deep sarcastic voice said "Wow, baby, this is a really magical time" We both started laughing at the sheer fact I was standing there embracing this new figure with no thought about what other people thought.

I think there just comes a time in pregnancy where you no longer own your body. Therefor it's not your body. You can't get embarrassed by the sounds it makes or the shape it wants to take. You are not in control of it anymore and the more you embrace it and laugh the easier it will be.

However I don't believe the women that say they feel sexy during this time. Those women are crazy or missing a screw in their head. I was at the dog park today sitting on the bench watching my grumpy dog terrorize the other dogs around him and man ( a cute dog loving kinda guy )from across the park noticed me and gave a very nice flirty smile. Of course I smiled back, you can't be rude. Then I stood up to get my dog and the man noticed my bump. His smile vanished as fast as it came. I was like a leper and he turned his face like he could catch what I had. Fantastic, I thought.. I am now officially in the category of scary and unattractive women in the male head. Not like that's a bad thing, I am not sure if I would be comfortable around a man who found pregnancy attractive. Almost like those odd balls who are super skinny and only date obese people, a fetish thing.

Which brings me back to hubby. *nice transition* We were walking around the baby store and he noticed the do it yourself molding kit. You know, the plaster cast some people do of the belly. He said he wanted to do that. Telling a story about how he had friends who did it and he thought it was neat. I gave hubby one of those looks, are you freaking serious? I asked him where he planned on placing this plaster mold of my pregnancy boobs and belly and he thought his office was a nice place or the garage. Yes, honey the garage would be a great place for my naked mold. Right next to your signed naked poster of Elle Macherson (yes he really has a signed poster of her) Again I gave him one of those looks, are you freaking serious? I asked him if during parties we would take it out and use it for a chip and salsa bowl? Jury is still out on whether or not I will allow such mold to me made. Something about cold plaster and a forever reminder that you were once really fat doesn't seem to appeal to me. *note..that's not me in the picture*

What does appeal to me is stripping down to my sleeping gear no matter how unattractive it is. Sometimes you have be comfortable and forget that you could be a stunt double for John Goodman.

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