Friday, July 23, 2010

PEPS and tears for the dog

Here in Seattle there is a wonderful nonprofit organization called PEPS (Parents For Early Parent Support) I first heard of this program from a family I use to nanny. Every Tuesday they would go off to PEPS group. Something they had done since the little girl was just a newborn. Whenever the little girl would talk about PEPS it always reminded me of those Easter candies peeps. I looked more into the program and learned it wasn't a gross marshmallow candy but a great way to meet new moms and make lasting friendships not only for you but for your baby. I went to the orientation last night and got myself and the baby all registered. Basically the program works like this: I will be put into a group of about 10 to 12 other moms who are having babies around November. About two months after all the babies are born we meet once a week for 12 weeks at each others houses. The first 12 weeks are hosted by a group leader from PEPS that helps lead the group is discussions like breast feeding, sleep and other baby topics. After the 12 weeks the group is on their own and we can do what we want from there. The lady at the orientation said that her group has meet every week for the past 4 years and now have over 30 kids from the original group! She said her group goes on picnics and mini vacations. She also said that she had made lifelong friendships with the women and their families. Needless to say I was over the moon hearing all this. Just what I need!! Friends in Seattle! Not only friends but other women going through the exact same thing at the exact same time. I rushed home to tell hubby all this new information, I could barely get all my words out telling him about it. Speaking so fast about the program, I was acting like a child who just came home from their first day at school! When I was done I started to get sad, hubby asked what was wrong... I said I was sad I would have to wait tell the baby is born to start! I want to join NOW!

I had to drop Darwin off at doggy camp today. He is spending the night there until our friend can pick him up tomorrow to go hiking with him and his daughter. Darwin loves this doggy camp because its on 5 acre ranch, full of trails and loving active dog handlers. They allow the dogs to roam free and then at night each dog has their own twin sized bed in a room that holds around 3 dogs. It is just like camp for kids but for dogs. They even have a "living room" full of couches and the TV on for older dogs who need a break from the younger crowd. It's so flipping cute! So I dropped him off and like every other time I do this I start to cry. But this time it was different. This was the first time I dropped him off while pregnant. I nearly lost it, like a crazy person. I was making Darwin nervous.. poor thing probably though I was dropping him off for good with the scene I was making. The handlers noticed my belly and tears and didn't really seem to judge. I don't think I am the first person to do this. But it made me think about how hard it would be for me if I was dropping off a kid at daycare. Thank goodness that isn't in our future. If it was I think I would force hubby to do the drop off because I would scare the children.

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