Friday, July 9, 2010

hot flashes and surgical masks

Oh, what a couple of days we have had! Turns out the hubby was able to catch the worlds worst head cold the week it finally turned sunny in Seattle. And to add injury to his already throbbing head his beloved Yankees are in town to play the Mariners. I doubt we will end up going to any of the games with the way he feels. I am bummed by this news because I wanted to wear my super cute Yankees maternity shirt. Show my Yankee pride across my belly. The hubby and I tease that if we have a boy we will tie down his right hand and make him a left handed pitcher. With dreams of him playing for the Yankees. *but that's if we have a boy... a girl I see her New York bond as a Rockette*

Hubby's head cold has turned out to be one of the sweetest events to happen in our house. He is so worried about me getting the cold he insists on wearing a surgical mask around the house. He also walks around with a purell bottle and I am not allowed to touch anything he has without immediately washing my hands. I find this whole crazy mask wearing drama to be super sweet. He is so sensitive and protective of this little baby growing in my belly. Who cares if our house looks like you have entered the Twilight Zone or China.
But there is one thing I have learned this week. My Mother was right: being pregnant in the summer time is awful!! Seattle doesn't get too hot, we average in the summer around 70 degrees with a light breeze. But every once in awhile a heat wave will come through and has me grasping for air. And Seattle properties don't have AC! So here I am pregnant in 90 degree weather with a sick husband and no air conditioner in place!! Hubby was feeling way to sick to install both our window units but was able to at least get the one in the bedroom up and running. Darwin (the dog) and I have basically camped out on the bed worshiping the cooler air. You can either find me in front of that AC or taking an ice cold bath. I have never really been one for heat but who knew adding a baby to your belly would make the heat even more unbearable! I think we go back to rain and overcast on Monday and as much as I complain about the rain, during this pregnancy I am VERY happy with it! Bring on the gray skies and below average temperatures, my belly and me appreciate it!

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