Sunday, July 4, 2010

5 months and 2 weeks.

The hubby calls this picture my B&B shot. Boobs and Belly. He now uses this photo as his screen saver on his phone. (very excited future daddy) I had just a little to much bed head to make a face appearance when this shot was taken.

The baby now has sleep and awake times. Seems to be an early bird, making the most movement around 5 am and then again around noon. The books say that most babies keep this schedule when they are born. Hmmmm, I am cool with the noon activity but 5am. Maybe I can change his/her habits by November. Go sit in my new rocking chair and put the baby back to sleep while still in belly. We aren't at the point yet where hubby can feel the movement. We are really looking forward to that, now it's just me telling him the baby is moving. The movement to me feels very ocean like. If that makes sense. The belly is the ocean and the baby a fish and you can feel the waves. Odd I know but that is what it reminds me of. So when the baby is really moving I start quoting Finding Nemo: "Just keep swimming, swimming". ( you need to see Finding Nemo to get that )

I seem to have found my appetite again. Which in a very serendipitous moment I tried to weight myself and my scale ran out of batteries. I can't decide if I should change the batteries or just what tell my next appointment in a couple weeks to see how much I have been able to put back on. I think I will wait, why ruin a beautiful thing like desert every once in awhile? I think most everyone would agree to wait. I don't want to take away mornings like the one I had today. I woke hubby bright and early and gave him two choices, Ihop pancakes ( cause I love their strawberry syrup ) or our local diner for french toast. I was a very happy mommy-to-be eating french toast!

Just keep swimming..swimming

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