Thursday, July 22, 2010

Email from Mag

I recently sent an email to the founder of My IVF Alternative, Mag. Thanking her for the gift she gave me. I put 100% gratitude towards her because without her program I doubt I would be where I am today. She just emailed me back.

The trip to Prague seems like it was a lifetime ago. I look back now and I can't believe what I did. I can't believe I convinced my hubby and my family that this was the way to go. There was a paragraph in her email that bought on the tears...

"Dear Melissa,
thank you for such a nice letter! I am glad to hear that your pregnancy is progressing well. what a blessing.

I am afraid that I cannot take any credit for your growing family - you have done all the work: you were brave enough to fully believe two women you have never met who were sending you half way around the world to a country you have never been while stabbing yourself with needles and telling you that that's how you'll get the baby you are longing for."

I think this email brought on the tears because it still seems unreal that I did what I did. To have such blind faith in the program and then to be treated so well and now to be pregnant. It's just amazing. I am just in awe of it all. I don't think I was ever in the category of "normal" in my everyday life.. like my Mom use to say, define normal. I am glad my normal was just crazy enough to trust Mag.

I had to share her words.... can't wait to send her pictures when the baby comes.

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