Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tears and binge eating.

If it wasn't obvious by my belly that I am pregnant then my eating and mood swings are a sure give away. Both of which came shinning through yesterday. I think I need to get the hubby a seat belt because I feel we just hit the crazy train and it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Hubby had the day off yesterday so we did very domestic errands and house work. Our first stop was to Lowes to return blinds my Mom and I had ordered for the nursery. Apparently my Mom and I can't measure and if anyone knows us well enough would question why hubby would put us in charge of this anyway. We were a whole foot off! I had the original receipt to the blinds and Lowes gives full refunds even if it was my mistake for measuring wrong. Catch is that you can never really return anything to store without something or someone making it difficult. I don't need to get in the dramatics of the whole return diabolical but let's just say everyone has a story similar to this and like normal people, move on. The situation was solved somewhat, let me rephrase that, hubby stepped in when he saw that I had taken the conversation to level 10 and we now had the blinds in our hands. Afterward we walked through the store looking for a new fan. Between the hardware section and the refrigerators I started to get teary eyed! Seriously, upset about something I would pay no mind too. I even had to question my sanity at that moment. I was crying over the return policy at Lowes?!? And to make matters worse I couldn't stop thinking about it. We are driving home and I again bring it up and start to cry. At this point in the story I am sure you are like me and are wondering what in the world is hubby doing? He is a normal man, type A personality, not one for the dramatics of life. He just allows this crazy behavior to continue like a nature observer not wanting to poke the bear at the zoo. Poor guy doesn't know weather to pull the car over, laugh or run for the hills. And just as quickly as the tears started, they stop. And this crazy train doesn't stop at this incident, oh no.. it continues into the evening.

I was laying in bed, tossing and turning. Trying very hard to shake the overwhelming feeling that I needed to eat. It was about 9 at night. I had already eaten dinner earlier but I just couldn't shake the feeling of starvation. I tried to convince myself that if I fell asleep I would eat a big breakfast in the morning but I felt possessed, something forced me down to the kitchen. Hubby was watching TV confused why I was up so late only to get the phrase "must eat. now" Again he stared at me like he was watching a National Geographic special: crazy pregnant eaters. I proceeded to make myself a turkey sandwich with the works and then heat up left over mashed potatoes and gravy. I ate everything with record speed. As if I was being timed. This whole event took place in under 10 minutes. I kissed the hubby goodnight his eyes still wide eyed and told me it looked like the scene from A Christmas Story, "show mommy how the little piggy eats" We both laughed, the whole day was filled with my crazy pregnant behavior why would night be any different. I went back up stairs and into bed. Full belly and full heart. My baby was at peace and my husband loved me even when I was knee deep in crazy and mashed potatoes.

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