Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another check up, another laughing doctor.

Had a doctors appointment this afternoon. Seems they like to keep track of you while your pregnant. Always wanting to schedule new appointments and when you get there all they do is ask how you are feeling, check your blood pressure and hear the baby's heart beat. I am not complaining about getting to hear the heart beat because that is FANTASTIC! But, I could of just called them from the Walgreens and had one of those blood pressure devices check me out and then let them know that I was feeling great. Instead of driving to the clinic, paying for parking..I'm just trying to save everyone some time here. It would be even better if they let me take that little hand held machine that hears the heart beat home with me. I could check it regularly for them.

But I do love sitting in their waiting room. So many fat pregnant women in there. It's a collective group of swollen ankles and weak bladders. But the clinic uses really small chairs and couches. And it's hard to watch some of the women get in and out of them. For the most part the women in the waiting room look happy but sometimes you get the really sour puss mom in there. The world is against her, she's two weeks over her due date and if you look at her twice she might rip your head off. Can you blame her? I am almost 6 months and sometimes feel that way.

The doctor seemed really pleased with the results of my past ultrasound and blood work. She was very happy at how big the baby is and said that it was a fantastic sign of a healthy baby. She told me not to get to excited and think that means the due date gets to be moved up. She let me know that the ultrasound isn't 100% right in knowing weight and just because the baby is big right now doesn't mean the growth won't taper off and get back into the "normal" range. My last ultrasound in the last month will give a better idea of how big the baby will be at birth.

The baby's heart beat is still at 150. She put the listening device on my tummy and you could hear all the movement. The doctor always comments on how active the baby is whenever she is trying to get the heart rate. She points out all the turns and kicks to me like I can't already feel them. I asked her if an active baby in the womb is a sign of A.D.H.D (attention-hyperactive kid) she just laughed at me like she always does and says "Oh, Melissa.. your so funny"

So another great appointment. Made my amazing doctor laugh, felt like I was part of a group with all the other fat pregnant women and learned my baby is as active as it seems in my belly. Good day!

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  1. I read your comment on my blog! It gave me chills and to know that we actually brought Hope to someone else made me cry! Thank you for the kind words. I will now be following your journey and can not wait to hear all the details. CONGRATULATIONS!!