Wednesday, August 4, 2010

belly buttons

The hubby and I have a new topic of conversation, belly buttons. It all arose from the fact that hubby doesn't want to be the one to cut the cord. His line of reason is "what are we paying the doctors for?" I respect his decision not to do the cutting, if he was in surgery I wouldn't volunteer my services to the doctors. But we wonder do you tell the doctor during labor that you would like a child with an innie? Is there science to this or just a random occurrence in the human body? And if the hubby were to cut the cord are the odds greater for an outie because he isn't a doctor? If you are reading this and questioning our sanity, I understand. But this is truly a topic of conversation in our house.

Speaking of belly buttons I noticed something odd with mine the other morning. The belly is getting larger by the day. The skin is getting tighter and thankfully the stretch marks are at bay. But I noticed right above my belly button a scar. Something I had completely forgotten about. When I was 18 I had a belly button piercing for about a month. The scar has finally popped out. I had the piercing done in 2000 on election day. It was my first chance to vote and also my first chance to get a piercing that didn't need parental consent. So off to the voting booth I went and then right to the tattoo parlor for a belly button piercing. I wasn't nervous about showing my Mom but my Dad was a whole other story. So that night while he was watching the election results on the t.v I came up to him and told him I needed to tell him something. He got a very serious look on his face and asked me "are going to tell me you voted for Gore?" I started laughing and said "oh, Dad don't be silly, I got a belly button piercing." The thought of his daughter voting Democrat seemed scarier to him them a piece of metal stuck in my skin. The last laugh seemed to be on me, a month later I had to have the piercing removed because my body was allergic to the metal. So even though my political views have changed from my Dads I will always have that little scar to remind me of that evening.

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