Thursday, July 29, 2010

3D Ultrasound and am I normal?

Yesterday my hubby treated me to a 3D ultrasound. We got an amazing "under the table" deal from our doctors office. There is a tech there that does these 3D images as a side job, the office allows him to use the equipment and he charges hardly anything to have them done. I wasn't planning on having 3D images done because they can run up to $300 but we got ours for under $80. YAY!

So here is my baby!

To me the baby in some of the photos looks like an alien. But in others it's the cutest baby I have ever seen. It's amazing how you can see all those little features. The hubby made sure to count all the fingers and toes and seemed to be very relieved when he counted 20 in total. (didn't even cross my mind to count) In some of the shots you can see the baby has a very defined jaw line, thin lips and a little nose. And so we know without a doubt this is my baby because we have matching noses! The baby kept holding it's arms up and almost flexing them for us. A show-off already! I look back at the picture my Mom took at the clinic when the baby was just 5 cells and now to have this photo it's just incredible. Hurry up November, I need to hold this baby!

Seems like there have been several new celebrities coming out as pregnant. I have been following a couple and after hearing other pregnant stories from people I don't think I am 'normal'. They all seem to be craving food and having really bizarre hormonal days. Besides my breakdown at Lowes I haven't been controlled by emotion. And I haven't craved any food. The hubby agrees and wonders if those women have always been crazy and now have an excuse. Or are taking advantage of being pregnant and making unreal demands and blaming it on hormones. With the celebrities I think they have always been hungry cause they have been an a diet for years so now that they are pregnant their bodies are craving real food and food they would never consider eating before getting knocked up. But as far as being normal, my best friend thinks that because it was so hard for me to get pregnant maybe this is the pay off, an easy no drama pregnancy. I think I agree with her.

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