Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Madness

Happy Halloween!

In my past life before IVF baby making I was a nanny for many years and then before that a preschool teacher. As you can imagine with those professions Halloween is one of my favorites holidays. I don't enjoy the scary aspect of it but I LOVE the crafts, the activities and of course dressing up. I am so excited for next years Halloween I can hardly stand it. Walking around Babies R Us and seeing all those adorable outfits, I almost bought three yesterday. And I just saw my nephews Halloween costume on Facebook, he's Thomas the Train!

I think my excitement for dressing up and taking the baby next year to the pumpkin patch scares hubby a little. He knows I will do all these crazy things I am talking about and I think he is grateful for a full year to get use to the idea.

I really need a baby to dress up, poor Darwin needs company in his misery.

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