Thursday, October 21, 2010

Doctor, am I normal?

The internet is a scary, scary place. And when your pregnant and have questions the last thing you should do is 'google'. Oh my goodness... and if you google, defiantly don't google pictures. OMG, I have read enough and seen enough this afternoon that would scare anyone into the hospital. Looking for scary Halloween ideas just google, pregnancy!

I thought I had a pretty open blog. I share things that are sometimes a little taboo... but I think I draw the line. Needless to say I have run across some blogs that are not only crossing the line, they are running with that line. They are posting pictures!!! It's like a biology text book gone completely wrong.

Yet at the same time.. I can't help but look and I can't help but google. It's a vicious circle. And if I don't google, I'll just call my best friend who happens to be a nurse and ask her. Which doesn't help me get off the crazy train of "is this normal".

The thing with searching the internet to answer my question of "is this normal" isn't going to really give me the answers I need. And the main reason is that no pregnancy is alike. What happens to another woman is completely different to what might happen to another. You experience different things at different stages in the pregnancy and some have it more severe then others. I need to remember this, I need to stop comparing myself to the books and internet and trust my doctor. Who I see tomorrow, and I will ask her. "Doctor, am I normal?"

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