Monday, November 1, 2010

Asking for help.

Lesson learned this weekend:

Sometimes even I have to ask for help.

I was making pasta for dinner the other night. I have this great large 4 gallon pot to cook noodles in. When the noodles were done cooking I decided not to call hubby over to help me pour out the water instead I did it myself. I poured the boiling water into the sink and into the strainer. Unfortunately I didn't notice that the water was over flowing the sink and running over the edge. And what hits the edge of counters now, my belly. Like a flash I threw down the pot and screamed. Hubby came running into the kitchen to find me shirt off and in pain. The water was so hot that the blisters started to form right away. Hubby got so mad that I didn't call him over to help. I told him I am not incapable of doing things, that it was just a simple mistake. But then he reminded me that after a c-section I will need to be more conscious about these things and that lifting will not be in my future.

So I look at the line of blisters on my belly and I remind myself just because I can do things doesn't mean asking for help is wrong. It's hard to feel capable of doing things but then have a huge belly get in the way. I can clean the house, but it takes me ALL day. I can scrubs the bathroom floors but it will mean my hips will be sore for two days.

I do feel some guilt about it though. Hubby works all day and then comes home and has to help me around the house. But I need to remember he signed up for this too and has never once complained about the extra work, in fact he insists that he do it. There is no 'i' in team.. and that's what we are, a team.

Now I just need someone to tell that to Darwin. Someone needs to explain to him that not only is his mom 9 months pregnant and unable to take him on his normal long walk but the Seattle rain has set in. He needs to take one for the team and relax.

Gee someone needs to say that to me too... just relax!

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