Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our Family Bassinet

About fifty years ago my Great Grandma (Granny) found an old bassinet in an attic of an old store. She jazzed it all up and made it pretty. From that moment on everyone in the family has used it ( except my Mom who was already to big by the time Granny found it ) It was first used for my Aunt Lisa and then my Uncle Mark. And then every cousin on that side of the family and also my cousin's baby girl. So far 9 babies from our family have slept in it. I ADORE this tradition. And when the bassinet wasn't in use it would stay at my Avo's (grandma) house for safe keeping. She would keep it in the grandkids room and store all our cabbage patch babies in it. As you can imagine an old bassinet needs some work to it so that's what I did the other day.

The lining inside the bassinet was made by my Granny for my Mom to use for my nursery 28 years ago. I still have the matching blanket, my security blanket I still call upon from time to time. My pink blanket... drives the hubby crazy when he sees it. But I am just to sentimental to get rid of it and sometimes a girl just needs to cuddle with her blanket. I called on it a lot during our infertility and it shows the stains from my mascara after having a good cry in it. So, I can't get rid of it...Granny made it for me and I love the darn thing. Anyway, back to the bassinet lining... when Granny made it she sewed into the bassinet. I carefully cut it free and with much hesitation set the washing machine to 'hand wash' and hoped that it wouldn't fall apart. Thank goodness it didn't and it looks all shiny and new. I was able to sew it back in last night, much to the delight of hubby. (he always finds it fascinating when I do very domestic tasks like sewing)

I also spray painting the top half. Avoiding the wheels where my Mom's godmother had painted pretty flowers on them. Note to others who might be spray painting in the future. If you are like me and rarely think ahead when starting a project, lay something down on the driveway before you start painting. I didn't and turned the top half of our driveway white. Thank goodness for a product called Oops, I was able to pour it over the white paint and like magic it was gone!

I always knew as a little girl this bassinet would be in my house one day, for my baby. And now that it's right next to my bed it is so amazing to me. It melts my heart to know my little person will sleep in there. Well, crossing fingers, let's hope the baby sleeps.

Side note: please excuse the laundry in the photo.. didn't realize when taking the picture my bra was laying upward so proudly on top of my laundry hamper.

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