Wednesday, October 6, 2010

cheeky massage

I know I said in the past post I wasn't going to go see a massage therapist to massage my butt. Well, I changed my mind and yesterday I drove my sore butt to a massage center. I got a thirty minute massage that just focused on my tailbone, hips and butt muscle. You know when your in pain there are things you will do you swore you wouldn't.

The whole experience was surreal. First off, explaining why you are there to a super sweet and young massage therapist was the first hurdle. "yes, hi, I just met you, will you please massage my butt".. totally surreal.

She told me get undressed and lay on the bed and she would return in a moment. Well, I wasn't about to take my bra off. Hello?!? The ladies have been covered since March, way to sore to roam free! Also, I didn't think taking off the underwear was really necessary, I mean, we just met... shouldn't there be a happy hour date first before I go full monty on a bed?

She comes back in the room and I explain to her that I am Modest Milly and kept the delicates on. She said that was fine and had me lay on my side. All maternity massages are done with the pregnant gal on her side. She immediately started to hurt me, I mean massage me.

She didn't really massage, she used pressure points. And she was in awe that I had such scar tissue and super tight muscles around my injury. She tried to show me just how bad it was by using an area on the other side of the injury and put pressure there, she pressed down deep. She described it as putting pressure down on a sponge, easy to do and no barrier to it. Then she went to my injured area and when she pressed down, nothing. I asked her if she was hitting bone, it was that hard. She said no, that it was scare tissue. Freaking crazy.

The whole massage/pressure points wasn't that bad. I mean I did have a hot flash on the table and did give out a little tear. But, I could feel it would be beneficial to continue. So every other day I am going back for a thirty minute session her. I bet she is super excited to see my butt so often.

Wouldn't it be funny if I put a temporary tattoo on my butt for our next session. Like a smiley face or something really cheeky. cheeky.. haha.

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