Sunday, October 10, 2010

35 weeks pregnant!

Hubby and I enjoy Sundays so much. We call them our lazy Sundays. My main goal on Sunday is to see if I can stay in my PJs all day. Even Darwin, the dog, knows when it's lazy Sundays. He's happy and peaceful all day laying in front of hubby's chair while he watches his football games or baseball games. Only thing with lazy Sunday is Darwin will have a hyperactive Monday needing either a dog park or a very long walk.

Also on Sunday's is our 'what's happening with my body and baby' day. We use to have an app on hubby's iphone that would tell us what was going on each week. And a new week starts on a Sunday for us. We would sit down read the app and be amazed at how much the baby can change in a week or how spot on the app was about the changes in my body. We have since sold our iphone and moved over to another cell phone carrier that doesn't have a pregnancy app. So I go online now on Sundays and look up the information. To me this information is so fascinating. Here is 35 weeks:
By now at thirty-five weeks of pregnancy, the baby will weigh about 5-1/2 to 6 pounds and measures in at 18 inches long. Keep in mind that these numbers are guidelines and are not gospel. Every baby is different and they may weigh a bit more or less than these guidelines suggest. By this week, the baby’s organs are complete by this week. The liver and the kidneys are starting to produce waste.

The baby now has less space in the uterus to move, so now you will start to notice a slight decline in fetal movement. The baby’s hearing is fully functional, now is a great time to talk to your baby. Start the bonding process before they are born. When they hear your voice after birth, they will respond to the sound of your voice. Some women use baby talk and they feel silly sometimes but it is said that the baby respond better to higher pitch sounds than lower pitch.

If the baby is born at week thirty-five, they have a 99% chance of survival. The nervous system and circulatory systems are fully functional. The baby’s lungs are now 99% developed. The baby fat continues to grow underneath the baby’s skin to help protect them while they are being born, plus the baby fat keep the baby warm inside and outside the womb.

It's hard to believe that when I first started reading about my pregnancy the baby was just a couple cells dividing & now it's a full functioning little human ready to come into this world.

I have noticed an increase in fetal movement this past week. The space in the tummy has become smaller so I can start to see the movement from the outside. Sometimes my t-shirt moves with the baby and other times I can press on my tummy and find a hand or his/her little butt. This morning Darwin laid his head on my belly giving me some deep cuddles when all of a sudden the baby gave a kick. The baby kicked Darwin right in the head. I laughed so hard because Darwin was so confused. He looked at my belly like 'what in the world'!! I told him to get use to it, this little one is going to lay on you, pull your ears and just all around piss you off.

The baby has also started to get the hiccups a lot. I placed hubby's hand on my belly during one those many hiccup spells. You could see hubby's eyes light up. We both agreed it was a little creepy but super cool all at the same time!

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