Tuesday, October 12, 2010

3 years and counting!!

Wow, 3 years of marriage. If someone would of told me that we would of lasted this long I would of said no way!

hahaha.. joking.

Doesn't seem like 3 years but I guess it has been. Time really does fly.I looked at our wedding photos and what really puts time into perspective for me is how young my little sister looks on our wedding day. Or for that matter how young she was when hubby and I first started dating. She's my age and time barometer.

It's amazing to look back and see how a relationship evolves and how things can help define a union. Hubby and I struggled a lot with infertility the first years of our marriage and I can look back now and say that it was that struggle that glued us together. Now as we begin this new chapter in just a few weeks it all seems so blissfully happy. There is a new excitement in the air and the anticipation of this little one brings us even closer. We both touch the belly and realize that we did that together, that we made a family.

Plus, I look back at my wedding and remember what a kick ass party we had!! Seriously, the best party I have ever been too and I can say that cause it was MY party! I could never thank my parents enough for such an amazing day. Still 3 years later, I can look back and remember all that love, laughter and joy.

Happy Anniversary Hubby.. your the best part of everyday.

Home is where ever I am with you: (my hippie tribute song to hubby)

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  1. Hi Melissa! Thanks for popping by my blog from time to time! I enjoy your comments. And you're right - sleeping enough is sooo important for so many reasons. (Drinking water, too.)

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! These are gorgeous photos. I especially love the kiss-in-the-street one! Sooooo romantic! Love is good. xo