Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My What A Big Baby You Have

Yesterday hubby and went and had our final ultrasound. It's been so long since we have seen this baby on a ultrasound screen so I was very excited. The whole ultrasound took about an hour. The tech looked at all the organs and brain. There is not a lot of room for the baby to move so it took her longer then if the baby was only 20 weeks.

We did get some news about the size of this baby. And both hubby and I aren't surprised by it. I mean, I was 9 lbs 3 oz and hubby was a good 10 lbs. So we figured our baby would be big. I did however find it shocking that the baby is measuring at 40 weeks. I am 36 and half weeks and the baby's head alone is measuring at 40 weeks!! The ultrasound tech asked us if we were positive on the due date. We told her yes, and that it is what it is.. this baby was going to be big weather I feed him/her or not. I haven't gained more then what the doctor said was healthy, about 25 to 28 pounds. And the tech measured the baby at 8 pounds 13 ounces. Of course the ultrasound can be off by a whole pound either which way. And since we are 19 more days until baby.. this little person can gain another pound or two.

I am really not concerned about the size of the baby. I mean, I find it comical and fun to talk about it but the baby is healthy and that makes me happy. We have an appointment tomorrow with my doctor to go over the ultrasound results and talk about our plan of attack for the next two weeks. I know hubby is looking forward to this, he is always so prepared and asks all the right questions. I go into these appointments hear the heart beat and forget why I am even there. He even payed attention at the labor and delivery class we went to on Friday while I looked out the window at the kids playing in the park. We are a match in that way.

So, my big baby and I are going to take a nap this afternoon and then go to a pizza parlor with 14 other pregnant women tonight. And there I am sure I can find another pregnant lady with a big baby.

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