Friday, August 27, 2010

Sleepy Me.

I would love to blog about all the wonderful and funny things going on right now. But my brain has stopped working. I haven't had a good nights sleep in about a week. From the baby kicking me and keeping me awake to the 5 trips to the bathroom. I seem to be getting maybe 3 hours of straight sleep and 20 minute cat naps throughout the night.

Hubby looked at me and said that this is just the beginning of the next 18 years of no sleep. He then reminded himself that he still has a couple of months of blissful uninterrupted sleep. Which was SO the wrong thing to say to a crazy sleepy pregnant woman because now I plan on waking him every time I am kicked awake and tell him it's "training"!

Surprisingly I haven't really needed caffeine to help battle the coma. My body just seems to realize this is just the new way of being. No amount of caffeine is going to perk up the situation.

If your getting a good nights sleep, just know I am really jealous of you.

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