Friday, August 13, 2010

3rd Trimester and Great Grandparents

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... please give Melissa a round of applause as she welcomes her bump into the 3rd trimester!!!!

That's right.. I kicked 1st and 2nd trimester in the butt and I have moved on to conquer the last leg of this race, the 3rd! Not that I am honking my own horn here.. but beep, beep, I am proud of myself.

I can't say the 3rd trimester is too much different then the 2nd so far. I have noticed the tummy is getting very tight and the movement to be very defined and ongoing. I seem to have to use the bathroom a lot more. Knowing where the nearest restroom is at all times is a priority. And I think the hubby and I would like to by stock in Angel Soft toilet paper. I have been keeping a tally of my bathroom runs at night.. and so far I average about 5 trips between 10pm and 7am. I am told after child birth this issue doesn't go away and that when I get older I will blame my child for the frequent bathroom pit stops. Oh, the joy of being a Mom!

I went to the mall today to look for hubby some new shirts. When you get pregnant you get a whole new wardrobe all that once and for 6 months you get to wear all new things. I got a great shirt in the mail from my Mom yesterday and it made me sad that the hubby doesn't have anything new. So, my mission today was to get something real nice for him *said in my best Uncle Eddie voice* I did find him a nice bowling type shirt for casual Fridays at work and a couple everyday t-shirts. But since I was at the mall I thought I would get a few more items on my to do list.

I am in search of anything that says great grandparent on it. My grandpa's birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I want to get him something that has the words Great Grandpa on it. I tried all the usual sappy places, Hallmark, Things Remembered and the frames store... nothing! It got me thinking that maybe they just don't stock a lot of these items. That maybe this baby will be uncommon. It will be born with both sets of grandparents, both set of great grandparents on my side and 2 great grandmothers on my husbands side. When you think about that it pretty rare to have so many generations. Not only that but very healthy generations to boot. This thought alone made my day. Sometimes I get wrapped up in the way I feel about the baby and forget there are so many other people who are just as excited and emotional about this experience too. I am just so loved by my parents, grandparents and the hubby's family that to think that love will now shower my baby gives me goose bumps. I haven't even started on aunt and uncles, great aunt and great uncles, cousins and seconds cousins this baby will have!!

Having a baby just puts so much into perspective. And I feel today the perspective I got was the power of love through family. There's just nothing better.

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