Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mrs. Whine

Did you ever read to your kid or as a kid did your parents ever read to you the Mr. Men and Little Miss books? Maybe you did but you can't remember what they are...

The Mr. Men is a series of 48 children books by Roger Hargreaves started in 1971; they feature characters with names such as "Mr. Tickle" and "Mr. Happy". Little Miss is an accompanying series of 42 books by the same author with female characters that started in 1981.

The most famous of the series is probably Little Miss Sunshine. There is also Mr. Grumpy and countless others. They are very small easy to read books and each character goes on a little adventure that explains their name. You can guess what Mr. Sleepy is about. I have several of these books and remember enjoying them a lot.

I was reminded of these books this morning. I was recalling last nights events and after remembering my actions I think I have a new Little Miss name,
Mrs. Whine.

Let's start this out with saying it's been a rough couple of days. The heat wave in Seattle basically put me at ground zero of emotional instability. I lived in Idaho where the summer temperatures where far worse and constant then here in Seattle. But there is a key difference to Idaho, they believe in air conditioning. Here in Seattle, they don't. We are in a brand new construction town house that has three floors and NO AC!!! The house also gets direct morning and afternoon sun, which is fantastic on normal days but on days where it is getting close to 100 degrees... oh man! Our master bedroom is on the third floor... the heat rises and our room got around 87 degrees these past few days! Our poor little window AC had to work 3 hours just to get the room to 76.

I had no clue that when you become pregnant your body temperature raises so dramatically. Feels like a hot flash that just lasts all day. It could be winter outside and I think I would still walk around in just my underwear.

So now that you have back ground on my discomfort lets see last nights events through the eyes of hubby.

Hubby came home around his normal time to find his pregnant wife in just her underwear standing in front of the window AC on the verge of tears. Now this could be a very romantic moment to come home too.. no, there's nothing romantic about an almost 7 month pregnant woman standing and sweating with the look of devil in her eyes. At this point he has agreed to take this beast of burden to dinner. Such a nice gesture, offer the crazy lady food she doesn't have to cook and go to a place with AC. This gesture made his pregnant wife very happy. He even let her pick out the restaurant. I know what your thinking, he's a saint.

Where does the over heated balloon pick to go? Mexican food of course. Because she is thinking very rationally at this point. Her blood is boiling and it's 90 degrees outside, wouldn't everyone want to eat spicy Mexican food in this state? Hubby agrees and happily takes her. He watches her eat chips and salsa like they are going out of style and then lap up her very large burrito with all the fixings. At this point he must be thinking he has tamed the beast. She is feed, the wind as picked up so the air is cooler. He just needs to get her home, into her PJs and into bed. And then he is safe. Or so he thought.

He was able to get her to bed but she didn't stay there very long. Down came the walking misery train whining that her stomach was going to explode it was so full and it was to painful to lay in bed. Somehow a bath seemed like the right idea. It was a very good idea tell the pregnant crazy lady got in the large soaking tub and realized her stomach was now to large to be submerged in the water. She calls out to her poor husband who at this point has poured himself a nice glass of scotch and is going to watch some ESPN. She wants some company, really she just wants him to sit on the toilet and listen to her whine about how huge her belly has become. Hubby sits there, reassures her she's not 'that' big and tries desperately to change the subject. He wins the small battle of distracting her, gets her out of the tub and back upstairs and into bed.

She doesn't stay there long. Back down the stairs she comes. You should of seen his face, pure desperation and a look of 'what now?!?'. The large woman just wanted a popsicle. Popsicle in hand she goes back to bed. And luckily stays there the rest of the night.

You know, it's hard being pregnant. Crazy hormones, the ever growing bump and the sheer discomfort of it all. But man o man, the poor husbands and partners that go through it with us! He is living up to those 'for better or for worse' vows he took.

Let's hope Mrs. Whine retires for awhile since the weather has turned cold again. Let's see if Little Miss Happy comes out today. *fingers crossed*

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