Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SeaFair and Darwin's vet visit

So last weekend was SeaFair in Seattle. It's a huge local event that attracts a lot of tourist but mostly all the locals come out. During the event they have hydro-boat races on the lake as well as other water type activities. They also have parades, shows and pirates that storm the beach! A big draw to the event is the airshow The Blue Angels put on. Of course in typical Seattle style it was a cold rainy weekend so the Angels had to put on a minimal show. The hubby has a great friend who has a beautiful house that over looks the water and gets an amazing view of the Blue Angels. The planes literally fly over the house and are SO FREAKING close. It sounds like the earth is moving when they fly over head. We had a great bbq and my craving for a homemade bbq hamburger was granted. It was fantastic. Here are some shots of Darwin, he paid no mind to the Blue Angels which was a huge contrast to years before.

It's seriously sick how much the hubby and I love this dog! During our infertility struggle this dog saved me. He was always there to let me cry on him and the fact he needed walks everyday helped me get out of the house and move. If you have seen the movie Marley and Me there is a scene where the main character comes home after learning she had a miscarriage and Marley just sits there with her and lets her cry on him. That scene was so hard for me because the night before I watched that movie I was sitting in that exact spot, on the couch crying to my dog about a failed IUI. Sometimes dogs know just what you need. This dog came into my life a little over 3 years ago and just stole my heart.

Speaking of Darwin, today was his first official senior dog check up at the vet. On his birthday this year the vet office let us know that he is in the senior dog category and needs to have two annual physicals a year now. So in we went. Now you have seen pictures of this dog, he is a big tall dog. When standing on all fours his head hits my tummy (and I am tall). He can literally with no effort lick my baby bump and does. So we are talking to the doctor and she says he has put on some weight since the last visit and we need to be walking him more. Okay first's been a year since his last appointment and he only gained 2 pounds!!! 2 pounds!! Hold on doctor let me go outside with him and let him do his business and he'll be back to his fighting weight. A two pound weight gain is going to make us have a discussion about weight?!?! I pointed out the obvious to her that I was pregnant and he wasn't the only one putting on weight. I also said that our walks have been a little shorter since I have expanded outward due to the stress it puts on my tummy. You know what she told me, to get a dog walker! Yes, doctor I am going to pay Seattle dog walker prices to have my normal senior dog get a two mile walk instead of his daily one mile walk everyday. Has this doctor not been to the local dog parks and seen what real fat dogs looks like? And to make matters worse on this already touchy subject of weight, the paper work they give you take home it says in big red letters "overweight/obese" dog. It is crossing my mind to find to a new vet, granted I am super sensitive weight these days but my dog is NOT FAT! Just look at the pictures above.

Okay, I need to take a breather for a moment and forget about that vet and her crazy idea that all dogs need to have the body of Seabiscuit. Our other baby, the one in the oven had a check up yesterday. Just a normal every 4 weeks check up. The doctor said everything looked great and she was pleased with my weight gain! So there, at least one of us is getting high marks on weight. She also said in my next visit her and I would sit down and talk about the birth. I can't believe it's already time to make arrangements with the doctor about the birth. I let her know the conversation would be short since I was doing this labor thing with drugs. She laughed and said at least I knew what I wanted. She's a great doctor and has such amazing compassion in her eyes and really loves what she does. Thank you, google and nurses for picking the right doctor for me!

Well, I need to go now and walk my obese dog around the block again. I hope this extra walk will work off those two pounds and he can get that red mark off his record.

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