Saturday, August 14, 2010

Heat Wave

The heat has made it's way to Seattle. After a summer of 60 - 70 degrees we are hitting 90+ this weekend and most of next week. Hold on as I do my best Scarlet O'Hara hand to forehead faint. Heat is not really my thing. And then to be pregnant and not like the heat well poor hubby has a weekend of misery.

Last night to escape the heat we headed to the near by beach and had a picnic. The cool breeze off the water was so refreshing and Darwin digging in the sand made me laugh. Darwin is not a digger but there was something in that sand that kept his interest. He would try multiple ways to get the most dirt but in the end just ended up with a tummy covered in sand. When we got home he curled up and passed out from exhaustion. So did I.

Darwin, me and the baby bump

Darwin and the hubby

It looks like Darwin is in pure bliss getting love from hubby

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