Monday, August 23, 2010

Ice cream, you scream.. I crave!

There is a new devil on my shoulder.. his name is ice cream and he haunts me daily! I can't get over him no matter how hard I try, I just can't. And to make matters worse it's SO easy to get everywhere you go.

I have never been one for desserts or sweets before. I am more of a salt and carbs girl. No thanks cake, pass the pasta! This has all changed in that past two months. I would give up having breakfast, lunch and dinner to get my hands on soft serve ice cream.

My other issue with this craving is that its so cheap! Did you know you can get a soft serve ice cream cone from McDonald's for only 50 cents. 50 cents!!! Name something as perfect as soft serve that's cheaper then 50 cents. ( although hubby doubts that there is any cream or ice in a McDonalds soft serve ) I feel like a drug addict who just learned that they are selling discounted crack on the corner.

I even base my dinner options on this craving. Hubby being the most supportive husband ever, ALWAYS gives into my desire. He's my enabler. If hubby takes me out for dinner I think in my head if they have dessert or if it's close to McDonald's to get my 50 cent soft serve. Example, last night we decided not to cook and get something simple for dinner. I immediately pick Subway, not because I wanted a sandwich but because the Subway close to our house is attached to TCBY!

And when my craving for soft serve has been satisfied, I get this eerie calm that settles over me. Basically getting my fix is such a high. I think I need ice cream rehab. Move over Lindsay Lohan you have a new bunk mate.

Even writing this blog now has me devising a plan to get my fix. My only saving grace is that there is portion control with this craving. I just need a little. And McDonald's gives the perfect little amount.

Even Darwin is on this addiction. For one, our McDonald's give doggie treats when you go through the drive in. He loves to go on rides for ice cream. Plus, I give him the bottom half on my cone after I have got every last drop of cream out. It's a vicious circle at our house. My pregnant self wanting soft serve, a hubby who doesn't tell me no and a dog who loves his ride to McDonald's.

A week from now I meeting some other pregnant ladies for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I am very excited to meet up with these ladies but to be honest I am more thrilled about Mexican fried ice cream! Take this craving to whole new level, fry it!

If you need me I will be at the Ben and Jerry's ice cream rehab center, it's right next to the cookies and cream detox clinic!

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