Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Nursery

I took some photos of the nursery today. The nursery is still going to be used as a guest room so keep that in mind. I also don't have any art work up because I am waiting to know the gender. I am going to put up Peter Rabbit art using either blue or pink as the matting. Plus we don't know if the name Juliette or Milo will be displayed over the crib. I am also going to get gender specific rugs, add more color then just green. This weekend hubby and also need to install the curtains.

But I really love this room. It just makes my heart melt seeing all the toys and plush animals. The really soft blankets and the tiny diapers.

*you should be able to click on the pictures to see them larger*

Here's Darwin laying on "his bed"... he really isn't a fan of all the new stuff in this room and each night he walks around the room without fail sniffing everything. He then sighs and jumps on the bed.

The walls are painted in a color called 'breath of spring' or as my hubby calls it, green. So that's why the pictures are coming out a little on the green side.

Here is my amazing glider chair. I have yet to really sit on it yet since my butt and hips have been in pain but I love it just the same. It's not as plush as some of the other chairs at Babies R Us but the sales lady said to pick one that is not only comfy but easy to get out of this a sleeping baby in your arms. I found the super over stuffed chairs difficult to do that in.

The cutest thing in the room besides Darwin, the crib. I adore the bedding. A huge thank you to my parents for finding it. I picked out this bedding at Pottery Barn a couple of years ago and of course when I finally got pregnant they discontinued the line. As soon as I got pregnant Mom was able to find one of the last sets and snatched it up for me.

We had this shelving up before the room became the nursery. So far I haven't added to many things on it. Waiting for pictures of this little person and waiting for the little knick nats that we will get in the next couple of months. Yes, that is a TV in the corner. It's for the late night feeding entertainment. The light shade on the dresser is hand painted by a family friend. It's little mini scenes from Beatrix Potter books. It's beyond words amazing.

The changing station. I wasn't going to get a changing station but it came with the crib and I like the way it turned out. The little baskets with the diapers, toys and books are so cute! Hubby likes the giraffes on the table, just sitting there waiting for someone to play with them. One the giraffes plays music and Darwin isn't to keen on that.

I am very proud of the closet. Thanks to our friend Mary Ellen who recommended some great coupon sites I was able to find some great deals on diapers and have a little mini stock pile going. Plus, I just love opening it and seeing those little outfits just hanging there all soft and cute.

The room also has it's own bathroom but I didn't change that into a 'kid bath'. I kept it adult and modern. The room is still a guest room and I don't think mine or hubby's parents need to be in a bathroom full of Elmo and baby ducks yet. Plus the baby will be bathing in the kitchen sink for the first couple of months.

So that's the nursery. I have really enjoyed putting it together. The whole nesting thing the books talk about is real. I really felt compelled to get the room up and running as soon as possible. And now that it's all finished and just waiting for baby it's driving me crazy. And to top it off the baby won't even be in that room for a couple of months. It will be with me and hubby in the bassinet in our room.

So there is only two more things on my list until baby arrives: picking a pediatrician and packing a bag for the hospital. Wish me luck on both because both seem to be very difficult for me. Will blog about both later this week. =)

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