Friday, November 5, 2010

Julia Ormond and packing.

I have fantastic news!!! WE FOUND OUR PEDIATRICIAN LAST NIGHT!! Can you hear the choir of angels singing as I say that? Or Chevy Chase singing "Joy To The World," I sure can.

It is a large clinic but there is no way to get around that in Seattle. There is no mom and pop baby doctors around here and I have be able to get over that fact. This clinic is apart of University Washington which has an excellent reputation in pediatric medicine. It's super close to the house and the parking is free. The doctor use to be a pediatric nurse who has about 5 or so years of being a pediatric doctor under her belt. I knew I would like her the moment she walked in the room because she reminded me of that beautiful actress Julia Ormond. *refer to picture* She looks like her in the remake of Sabrina before Sabrina goes to Paris and gets a make over. She also had really small and delicate hands which if I were a baby would prefer over large ruff hands. She also was super easy going and because she was a nurse first she seemed more in-tune with what new mom's would need. Because we all know that the nurses are the ones that really run the show! Hubby was also impressed with her and as soon as we finished the meeting we both looked at each other and said "yep, she's it". I can't tell you what a relief it is to have this checked off our list. I feel like the biggest weight is off my shoulders and now it's just sit back and relax time. Well, so I thought.. I have one more project: Packing.

Who knew packing for the hospital would actually make hubby and disagree. Hubby thinks the bags should of been packed when we first got pregnant. He's been sitting on go for the past 9 months. And he's been on high alert now since September. Any grunt or moan I make he and Darwin are at my feet checking to make sure I am okay. Both revealed each time the moans are from the energy it takes to roll over at night or the discomfort of a small foot kicking my rib cage. I don't think I need to pack until next weekend. Mostly because everything I need for the hospital I need now. Make up, hair stuff, PJs, slippers... all in use as we speak. But to make him happy I at least brought the small carry-on suit case out and put one pair of underwear in it.

But I decided to google "what to bring to the hospital for a c-section"... oh goodness, bad idea. Maybe I haven't packed for the hospital because the suggestions scared me and if I don't think about it then it won't really happen... right?!?

Suggestions from the internet: (sorry if to graphic)

Depends: yes, adult diapers... seriously, even with a c-section you need these things. I was kind of hoping that one of the positives about a c-section would be they take everything out and there would be no need for messy clean up. Gee, was I wrong.

Socks you don't care about:
One woman said that when you stand up sometimes things get messy and you don't want to ruin your own socks. OMG!!!!! That is so wrong on so many levels. Who signed up for this?!?!?!

Special C-Section underwear: recommended the large 'granny panties' where the elastic sits at your navel. Fantastic, not only do you feel like crap but you have to wear underwear that your grandmother owns. But I see the point in this one, no bikini cut panties because that's were the incision will be and the last thing you want is something rubbing up against that.

A long nightgown you can toss after your hospital stay: From what I gather from the internet pants are your worse nightmare, you want something long to wear while you are there. This, I am really not happy about. So I decided to go to Target and get one of those long t shirt pj's with a silly Disney character on it, you know what I am talking about. That has some catch phrase like "Don't wake up Grumpy" on it. Something really tacky, yet functional.

All in all, I think hubby will find me super attractive after this c-section. Depends, dirty socks, granny panties and a Disney shirt. He's going to want to start making a second a baby right away, I just know it.

On another side note: I bought my first baby how-to-book. It was suggested by our new pediatrician. So far I like it (kinda).. it's a simple read and it's not very textbook-ish which helps me stay focused better on it. But, I am now on the breast feeding chapter and I think I was right all along. It's better for me not to know what I am getting into because when you start to read and learn whats about it happen the anticipation seems to be killing me. The anticipation and the fear of actually doing it. I can say that I am really not looking forward to it and I don't feel bad saying that. I think that women who are all about it before they have done it, need their head checked. It's 100% my plan to breast feed but that doesn't mean I have to jump on the train and jump for joy with celebration over that fact. "oh, it's natural, it's so bonding" You know why they say it's bonding?!?! Because a newborn feeds every 2-3 hours, and can take up to an hour a feeding. No joke it's bonding.. your stuck there, literally bonded together!

Oh goodness... I am in for a rude awaking in about 10 days. Wish me luck.

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