Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dr. Who?!?!

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Finding a pediatrician has become so difficult. If I am not careful here I may start to cry, that's how upset I am about the whole process. I need to remember to breathe and remember we will find someone just as special as the pediatrician I had growing up.. right?!?!

Growing up in Boise I had the worlds BEST, I mean BEST pediatrician. I was his first patient and I stayed with him until I was 18 years old! He was goofy, odd, sweet and most of all completely invested in my health and well being. He wasn't just my pediatrician, he was apart of my childhood. My little sister went to him and every person my Mom referred to him had the same experience. He's fantastic.

I always imagined that I would take my child to him. But as we now know fate had other living arrangements for me and I am not in Boise anymore. Although I have this feeling I may just fly over to Boise for check ups with him. =)

So here we are in Seattle. Searching... and searching. I have taken the recommendations from the pregnant meet up group I am in and have had two interviews with two different doctors. Both interviews had more negatives then positive and left me with this feeling that finding a personal experience in a large city is going to be impossible.

The first interview we had hubby found the clinic to be old and outdated. I agree a little bit with him on that point but I didn't find it to old to be turned off by it. The doctor was nice, a little bit of a fast talker. But she was one of 8 in the clinic and the odds of you always getting to see her was slim. Basically you would see her if you scheduled appointments in advance like well baby check ups. But, I have found that all Seattle clinics run this way. Hubby and I also didn't really care for the fact you have to pay to park at this clinic and the nurses on staff kind of creeped hubby out. They were extremely overbearing and scared him a little.

The second interview we had last night felt like we were on a baby conveyor belt. It was this HUGE clinic. Very clean, new, and all metal. Felt like you placed baby on conveyor belt and it went through the machine and came out the end with a slip of paper with what was wrong. The doctor seemed extremely disinterested in being in a room with us and basically told me new moms are crazy and ask a lot of stupid questions that would be answered by the nurses so he wouldn't have to deal with us that often. It's pretty much understood that all new moms are crazy but to actually verbalize it in a interview totally turned me off. I checked him off my list right after he said that.

So now I am looking at a sheet of paper my OB gave me that has her recommendations on it. After reaching online I have just come to learn that all the clinics here are large and have more then 5 doctors and getting the experience I had in Boise is going to be impossible. Like my Mom pointed out on the phone, Seattle has higher rent and insurance costs so finding a single doctor clinic in my area is just not going to happen.

I now need to accept that. I just hope that in the next couple of days I can meet someone who I like and trust. But like hubby says, if they turn out to be mean or crazy we aren't stuck with them forever we can change doctors.

Who knew that this was going to be an issue. I wish I didn't wait so long to start this process. Now... I just need to tackle packing a bag for the hospital. Oh goodness have I got a blog post about that. =)

As to not make this post I total "Debbie Downer" my friend Cindy gave me a link to the cutest baby girl store. *crossing fingers for a girl* because these outfits are to much to handle!! Check them out if you dare, but be warned the cuteness factor is at a level 10!

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