Thursday, November 4, 2010

Birthday Wishes.

Today is a great day!!! My best friend's baby was born today exactly one year ago! It was so magical. The moment the final strike was called on game six of the World Series and the Yankees won, I got a text picture of the most beautiful baby girl. She was born the moment the Yankees won! Hubby was jumping around the living room because his beloved Yankees had won and I was right there with him holding the cell phone up with a picture of baby Suzie.

My best friend was there in the trenches with me during my infertility. She too had trouble conceiving, fortunately she was able to produce naturally but it took her a long time. We would call each other for support and we were literally the first people to call when the pee stick turned pink. I think when she called me about Suzie when she was still in the bathroom! She was pregnant with Suzie during the toughest year of my struggle. I did sometimes have a lot of jealousy towards her and sometimes it was to hard to talk to her or see pictures of her growing tummy. But those times were few and far between because of the overwhelming love I had for her new baby. Since we struggled together, her success felt like my success. It felt like Suzie was part mine too.. and to this day I tell my friend that Suzie is mine and she is just holding on to her for me.

Suzie was my hope. I used her as my hopeful beacon. And now almost one year to the date of her birth I am having my own Suzie. And I hope one day the two of them will play and my best friend and I can sit and watch them.

I was sent this video from another girlfriend who just celebrated her sons first birthday. It's a video asking mothers what they would tell themselves before they had their baby. I love this video, gave me a tear... okay it gave me a few tears.

I love the line "google doesn't have kids"

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