Thursday, September 30, 2010

Playing hide & seek with the heart monitor

I had my biweekly appointment at the doctors office yesterday. The basic stuff. They check your weight ( always fun ), blood pressure and ask if I have any concerns or questions for them. The whole appointment lasts about 15 minutes. The best past of it though is that the doctor takes out this little hand held microphone thing, puts cold goo on your tummy and you get to hear the heart beat.

Every time my doctor has done this my little one pops right on that monitor. She never has to search and always comments on how easy it is to find. Well, yesterday the baby decided it would put me into sheer terror and not be so easy.

I laid on the bed, raised my shirt and the doctor started to place the monitor on my belly. The first spot, nothing... the second spot, nothing... the third spot, nothing..not even a faint thud. By the second search my heart started to sink, panic had set and I was already in the mind set off pulling the red cord and getting my butt into the ER. The doctor keep looking... and her face started to get really serious. Which is not a face I have ever seen on her. We are now at spot 6.. and we hear a very faint heartbeat. The doctor has placed the monitor basically on farthest side of my belly almost to my back. She seemed okay with this and offered some reason for the mishap, honestly, I wasn't really listening to her at this point. Even though she heard the heartbeat she wanted to do a test that would establish a base line for the baby.

I get escorted to a small room in the office that has a lazy boy chair and huge monitor next to it. I get strapped into this thing, two large rope type things get wrapped around my waist and a very nice nurse gets to play find the baby with the microphone attachment. I also get to hold this little pin like thing that is attached to the machine and every time I felt the baby I was suppose to press down. I told the nurse my Grandpa had something like this at the hospital but when he pushed it he got pain meds, and since I was in a state of panic I think I should get one too. She said no, but gave me orange juice to see if sugar would awake the baby more. She leaves me in the room, turns the lights down and says she would be back soon.

It's a super large machine and I can hear the baby on it. Which you would think would make me feel better..nope. I call hubby while attached to this thing. Because I am giver, and I didn't want to be the only one in a panic. And I knew he would panic right along with me. And he did not disappoint! Not that I am proud of calling him and getting him worked up before I knew the outcome from the doctor but I didn't want to be alone in this. I was honestly scared. I could hear the baby but the fact we had to be in the room listening for an extended period of time really made me fearful. There were so many things going through my brain.. I can't even begin to blog the scenarios that were going through my head. My doctor came into the room about 15 minutes later and looked over the scroll of paper that had the heart beat on it. She was very pleased with what she saw. She said everything was fine and that the baby is perfect. He/She was just being stubborn and in a position earlier that made it hard to hear the heart beat. She said they do that sometimes and I don't need to worry.

I was sent on my way and told to come back in two weeks. I called hubby and let him know it was a false alarm that we have a very devilish child who when born I will punish for putting me through that. =)

Have some more fun pictures from my trip to Boise....

road trip fun...Mom and stopped at this huge rest stop somewhere in Oregon and found this surprise near the bathroom. Of course I needed a picture next to it!

The view from my Avo' and Avo's house. That is my handsome Uncle Mark working with his horses. He and my Avo are horse whispers.. while getting ready that morning I watched him train his horse, it was litle watching a dance.. it was amazing

My first bike!!! It was kept at my Avo's house and over the years they kept in the barn and never got rid of it. When I showed up at her door step she had that waiting for me! She turned it into a flower basket. So cute! That bike has really held up!

Got to love going home...

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