Monday, September 13, 2010


Those crazy stories of pregnant women having the need to nest is SO REAL! I am shocked at myself lately...I am an organizing fool. Last week I organized and labeled our medicine cabinet. Hubby reminded me that the baby isn't going to come home and demand that the advil isn't in the same drawer as the allergy tablets. But for some reason I can't help myself. I don't think it's really for the baby at this point. Its more a compulsion that family members are going to be roaming our house looking for things and it might be helpful if our house was in order. What hubby doesn't understand is that he's been living with my way of organizing for four years. He gets the dyslexic way I go about things but others don't. Well, maybe my Mom, she lived with two dyslexics but still it would be nice to have things in order the "normal way". Although I am not sure why I have a need to stock up on toilet paper, canned goods and soap. There is grocery store a block away from the house, it's not like family members can't go out and get things for us.

This past week hubby has come home from work probably believing he will find an actual nest in our living room. I have so many "to-do" projects around the house. Poor Darwin doesn't know if he should help out or avoid me all together. I keep cleaning his dog bed over and over again. With all the new changes and furniture in the house he seems to be very confused. He doesn't take change well.

Another thing, is it odd to have a list of things the hubby like to eat? I have this strange list for my Mom when she comes to visit in November. She plans on helping out and I figure that means helping me with dinner. Hubby LOVES a home cooked meal. It might be his favorite part of the day, coming home from work and finding out whats for dinner. Hubby eats differently then others in my family. He actually likes veggies, real veggies, not just the canned kind. Crazy I know! It's an odd list to write I know, he would be happy with anything. But in my head this is TOTALLY rational!

I figure when the baby comes all this crazy planning will go away. We will be on baby time but right now we are just hanging out in the waiting room. I have 9 weeks to think of these crazy things.

Hey, at least the house is spotless, which I doubt when the baby comes will ever be that way again.

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