Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthday Weekend

So Saturday was my birthday! I had a fantastic day, hubby really knows how to treat a birthday girl. He makes the whole day about me. Everything is about what I want and want to do, no questions asked. The word 'no' is not used on your birthday. =)

We started the day off with going down to the docks of Seattle. We had a great lunch of fish and chips. The sun was shinning, which was great because the forecast looked really nasty but nope, we got sunshine. From there we went to the Seattle Aquarium. Had a great time watching the fish and of course people watching all the tourists. After that we sat in the sunshine and had some icecream. It was a perfect day!

For dinner the hubby took me to our special romantic restaurant Serafina. We love this place! It's rustic Italian cooking. It's pure bliss. The food is amazing, the waitstaff is superb and the atmosphere is idyllic. We ate and ate and ate. When it came time for desert hubby had already pre-ordered before we got there. Out comes this mound of chocolate gelato with chocolate sauce smothering every inch! On top of this pile of heaven was a single candle. Hubby looked at me and told me to make a wish. I closed my eyes and started to blow the candle out. I suddenly stopped. I didn't have a wish! For the past 3 years without fail whenever asked to make a wish, be it my birthday or at a fountain it was always the same wish. "Baby" Here I was making my first wish pregnant, it was surreal. It has been so automatic to wish for this baby, it was always at the tip of my tongue, the center of my dreams and the beginning of every thought.

I don't think I will every forget that moment. I looked at hubby, my hand on my belly and I realized there is nothing to wish for... I had everything I ever wanted.

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