Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A New Day

I felt you this morning baby. You awoke me at 6 am. You were ready to start the day and I was ready to drift back to sleep trying to squeeze in one more hour. You were having none of that. Not even my hands stroking the belly would work to keep you still, which in the past always worked. A series of kicks and turns, I could feel and see. We waited in bed while Dad finished getting ready for work. When he was done, we both got kisses and then of course you settled down. I love feeling you baby, each kick or turn seems to fill this overflowing cup with happiness and satisfaction. Sometimes the reality of waiting another two months to hold you seems like a lifetime away. And then there are other times I want to keep you inside, protect you. But that would be selfish of me to keep you from your Daddy who seems just as eager to hold you. I love you more each day baby and your 6 am wake up calls are worth the lack of sleep.

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