Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Shower!!

It finally came, my baby shower!! And it wasn't a shower it was a rain storm of love and gifts. It all started like this...

My Mom arrived in Seattle last week to drive to Boise with me. It's about an 8 hour drive and there was no way hubby was going to let me drive by myself. I haven't minded the drive the 10 times I have driven it in the past but this trip took its toll on me. The major reason is about 5 years ago I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my butt. I broke my coccyx or tailbone. Super ouch! Well that injury healed and life moved on. But as soon as I started to put on pregnancy weight and the baby started to put pressure on that area I have been in some pretty incredible pain. Sitting can be unbearable. So imagine a 8 hour car ride with a pregnant woman with a broken butt, yep, my Mom is saint. I drove for a couple hours then it was my Mom's turn as I sat in the passenger seat trying different seating arrangements for the rest of the way.

My Dad and little sister, Charlie flew in from Tampa Thursday evening. The 'core four' were back together. With so many new additions to our family, husband, boyfriend and other family members it was nostalgic and great to have it be the four of us.

Friday was my baby shower. And to start the day off Mom treated me and my sister to hair appointments. The last time I was sitting in a stylists chair was last winter. My last two hair treatments have been out of the box. So to have a professional haircut and color was so fantastic and needed. We were there for a coupe of hours and I really enjoyed the gossip and chatter with my sister and her best friend who came with us to the appointment. Not to mention that the hair stylists has been during my family's hair since I was in the 3rd grade!!

The shower was held at a new nightclub in downtown Boise called the Catacombs. Yes, very hip and fancy of us! It was catered by the french bistro above the club and to say the food was great is an understatement. Little french sandwiches, lots of cheese, stuffed mushrooms, mini quiches and did I mention cheese. My sister worked with a local cake guy, Greg Marsh and designed the world's cutest cake. And this guy can make the worlds tastiest cakes, and I don't even like cake!!

I really don't like baby shower games. So we only played one. My Mom made a 15 question quiz about my pregnancy and the winner got a prize. The questions were fun and amusing. And if people at the party have been reading the blog they had a really good shot at winning. My mother in law Charlie and my Avo (grandma) tied for first place!!

I really felt honored that so many woman were able to make it to the party. When I looked out at the crowd I was struck at how many of them had key roles in my life. My Mom is and was a superstar Mom and she surround my sister and I with strong independent women. And to be able to address them all at once was so satisfying and rewarding. And to be able to point out and be able to thank my friends, mother in law, sister and Mom was overwhelming. It felt like this baby is a collective of hopes from every woman in the room and to be able to express myself and my gratitude for their love and support will be a cherished memory for me.

Cake designed by my sister Charlie made by Greg Marsh:

My Mom, sister Charlie, me and the bump!

My Aunt Krista, Mom, sister Charlie and me!

My Avo ( grandma ) and future Bisavo ( great-grandma in Portuguese )

My best girlfriends minus one who started a new job in a new state that day!

So many amazing gifts... and incredibly cute gifts!

My bbf Karin, who is also my pregnancy partner in crime!

And the main reason we had the shower on Friday night, Saturday was the BSU home game! And my family is far too committed to our team to miss it! I mean come on, my Dad lives in Florida now and won't give up his season tickets! Below is a picture of my Mom, Charlie and I tailgating. My shirt which was a huge hit says "future Bronco inside" Gotta get this baby ready to be a BSU fan and maybe one day attend the college! *crossing fingers*

Now, I need to go finish my thank you cards and some how find room for all the gifts! I will post pictures of the nursery next week once we get everything settled in there. It looks so cute, just needs this baby in there!!!

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