Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Still waiting...

I have had several emails asking whats the scoop. I had another ultrasound last week and it seems the hyper stimulation is still having it's ugly way with me. I've been put back on limited activity. The pain has gone away so it feels like I should be up and around and all that jazz so I am finding being lazy hard to do. Thankfully my hubby makes sure I don't over do it and keeps me on the couch while he preps dinner and helps out around the house. So lucky to have him.

As far as the $64,000 question... trying to be cautious about how much information we give out. I will say that things are looking good. We hope to give more clear answers in a couple of weeks. We are still waiting out the hyper stimulation and hoping that goes down and when it does we are sure we will have more concrete answers from the doctors.

It's hard to wait for answers but some things are worth waiting for...

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