Thursday, March 4, 2010

Goodbye Czech

We left the Czech Republic on Wednesday afternoon, with a little drama. There is always some type of drama with the girls in my family so it was only fitting that our trip had some. It went down like this:
We had a nice relaxing morning in Prague. Mom had a bath and I laid in bed for hours watching German MTV. Yes, the only English on the TV in the Czech Republic was the German MTV. It was all English with German subtitles. So odd. I watched the top music videos in Germany for 2009, those Germans have an odd taste for cheesy pop.
Since our flight was at 3 we just had a causal afternoon walking around the monastery which is the backyard of the hotel. After about 30 min of that we got cold and headed back to the hotel and sat in the sun room. We lost track of time and the next thing we knew the front desk staff was searching for us. Our prearranged car had arrived to take us to the airport. Frantically we head back to the room and get our bags. Poor Mom is doing all the leg work with the bags since I can't carry anything heavy. So hard to just stand there as she works with the luggage. So, after getting all our bags we get into the car and off to the airport we went. The airport was really nice and clean. We get past security and decided to have some lunch. At the sandwich shop we spot bacon flavored chips! We had seen commercials for this odd chip in Brno and now was our chance to try it. BAD IDEA! Smelled and tasted like dog food. But this bag of chips is what brought the drama. We wanted to take a picture of them, I mean its not everyday you eat bacon chips. Well Mom searched her bag, looked up and said she couldn't find her camera! We searched everything, panic sets it. She realizes she left it in the sun room at the hotel. Oh goodness! Many attempts to contact the hotel with the few coins we had left we finally got a hold of them. The camera was there. The thoughts of lost memories faded but then the realization that we were headed to Paris without a camera. Mine was broken so we had nothing to fall back on! This is where ideas are hatched, desperation. We ended up having the hotel put the camera in a taxi and having the taxi driver come to the airport. Genius! We got our camera, got to the plane with plenty of time and headed to Paris. *sigh of relief*

Goodbye Czech, you were good to me. I hope the next time I see you it is for pleasure only.

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