Thursday, March 4, 2010

From Paris with love.

Hello Paris, I missed you.

Paris fits like an old glove. You start to remember how wonderful the food really is, how beautiful everything seems to be and how easily it would be to fall in love with a city.

We got to the hotel in the evening. We (I mean Mom) dropped off the bags in the room and off to dinner we went. Our hotel is surrounded by restaurants it was hard to pick one. We asked our front desk clerk but he just moved to Paris from London and was no help. So we just walked into one. We were ushered over to a small table by the window. Mom and I agreed it would be very romantic is you were with your spouse. We order a 3 course meal, when in Paris eat, that's what I say! First, French onion soup. Oh those French can make onion soup! Second, I had duck. Traditional French cooked duck. It was last supper good. Mom had this amazing piece of steak with the most decadent bearnaise sauce. Dessert, portfolios. It came out in a huge soup bowl, 3 portfolios with huge scoops of homemade icecream in each one then on the side hot chocolate sauce! We needed wheelchairs to get home, we were stuffed. Happy but stuffed. Sleep came very easy for us, full bellies and dreams of our day in Paris.

We arose early and got dressed. Since I don't want to raise my heart rate we took the subway everywhere today. Mom and I are so good at the subway. Super proud of our skills, it all about teamwork. We started out at Norte Dame and to then Eiffel Tower. We sat for awhile at cafe near the Eiffel Tower and just soaked in the sun. It was fabulous! From there we headed to the Arc De Triomphe. We walked down a couple blocks of the Champs Elysees. Stopped again at cafe and had lunch. Went to the Galleria and headed back to the hotel.

Didn't sight see like crazy. Just keeping a slow pace and since both Mom and I have been here before just hanging out at cafes is perfectly fine with us.

Now, what to eat for dinner??

Leaving for home in the morning. Looking forward to seeing hubby and dog. Miss them both and miss our routine. I miss the cold nose of the dog waking me at 7am for his morning pee trip and smell of hubby's cologne in the morning.

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