Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bed-rest has made me hate my bed.

Lets just start this blog out by saying bed-rest stinks! You would think being forced to lay down all day would be a blessing. You would be wrong, it is a punishment. There is a huge difference between being lazy and being held hostage by your bed. The only good thing about being confined to bed is you get to feel a lot of love and support from your loved ones.

The hubby has been amazing. Cooking every meal, vacuuming and basically canceling all his fun plans for the past 4 days. Poor guy had to miss his golf game, half day team building with his office at the bowling ally (he didn't seem too upset about missing that one) and then gave up snowboarding on fresh spring powder this Sunday. All just to be around the house in case I needed him. He is really making those 'for better or for worse' vows come to life. He really has been my Mr. Wonderful all weekend.

My Mom, sister and Dad have all had their cell phones close at hand and have accepted the 8 calls a day. They also sent over the most beautiful bouquet of daisies that sit on my mantel. My in-laws have also called to check in a lot, which is comforting to know how much they think of us.

The hubby has an great co-worker/friend that I adore. We join him and his wife for drinks every once in awhile and have the best time. Well, they surprised us this afternoon by bringing over the world's best meal. Not just one meal but also homemade chicken soup, cornbread and banana bread! How fantastic is that!?!

There has been one set back that I can't seem to make positive, my poor dog Darwin. I walk him everyday and on the weekends we also take him to a dog park or the beach. He just looks at me like I am the evil stepmother who won't let him play outside. It was okay this weekend since hubby was home and could walk him but come Monday around 11am he is going to be looking at me with those big brown eyes asking for a walk. Ohh, this is punishment!

So when you have watched everything on DVR, and netflicks, read all your books and magazines, what do you do?

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