Friday, January 28, 2011

A trip to the doctors

You now what I really don't like about motherhood? When the baby is sick or something is wrong and you have NO IDEA how to fix it. It is so heartbraking.

Juliette has had bad skin from the beginning. And honestly, she comes by it naturally. On my side of the family we all have very sensitive skin. There are also common skin conditions on my side as well. So it really wasn't a surprise to me when Juliette started showing signs of skin irritation. First it was the baby acne, which is so common in newborns. Then is was the extreme dry skin and then the cradle cap. All things that other babies I know where going through or had made it through. But with Jules, some of the common skin conditions just seemed to be lingering longer then the other babies. All the above mentioned things pass within a couple of weeks but Jules just keeps getting worse. I have tried so many methods to improve her skin but nothing really helps. Well, last night I noticed her neck was a lot more irritated then usual. I finally threw up my hands and said I am taking her to the doctor, much to the dismay of hubby. But luckily, he saw the helpless mother look in my eyes and didn't argue with my need to see a doctor.

So off to the doctor we go this morning....Jules clocked in at 13 pounds and 13 ounces! She also has eczema on her face and behind her ears. Behind her ears will actually need antibiotics at this point. She also has to have anti fungal cream under her chin, inside her neck folds.(super gross) Jules is a big girl, so her little fat rolls get irritated and moisture loves to live in those areas. And then she needs special lotion for her face because of the eczema.

The doctor reassured me that her case is on the minor side and that it will be all under control soon. The neck thing will clear when Jules can start holding her head and getting air in there more. And the eczema might have flare ups on and off but we can manage those with lotions and TLC.

It just stinks, because I don't want her to be in any discomfort. She doesn't seem to be but it's not like she can talk to me and tell me if it's bothering her. She's such a happy that leads me to believe she's not in any pain.

I will let you know how all the new creams and bath regime help. Doctor said it should clear within the week.

On a side note:
Tonight I have my first 'ladies night out'!! No baby, no husband!!! Last night as Juliette was 'having a moment' and unable to get to her happy place. Hubby reminded me that I had ladies night and that soon I would have a break, haha =) Made that little fussy spell she was having a little more bearable!

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